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Michael Beckmann

Michael Beckmann

is director of tourism of the city of Winterberg in Germany.


Andreas Dunker

Andreas Dunker
is journalist and managing director of the publishing company and advertising agency “ad medien GmbH”. The initiator of the European Cartoon-Contest “Winterberger Winterspott” lives in Wickede (Ruhr) in Germany.  www.cartoon-karikatur.de

Assigned members for 2007

Dieter Burkamp

Dieter Burkamp

is a freelance journalist and an expert for caricatures. “As an art collector he has a great weakness for caricatures from all over the world which he collects as other people collect stamps.”

Until 2001 Dieter Burkamp was manager of the Bielefeld local editorial office of the daily newspaper “Neue Westfälische” and since then he has been acting as a freelance journalist – amongst others for the “Westdeutscher Rundfunk” (WDR).

Dieter Burkamp has been dealing with caricatures since 1970. He was and he is curator of many exhibitions about caricatures in his home country and in foreign countries and he arranged the international caricature competition “Hermann the German” – on the occasion of the 100th “anniversary” of the Hermannsdenkmal (Battle of Teutoburg Forest) in Detmold.

Furthermore Burkamp creates some books and exhibitions with the well-known German cartoonist Walter Hanel as well as some East-European satire artists. Titles of Burkamp’s books are “Alles ist Spaß” and “Ein Narr zeigt Flagge – Satirische Zeichnungen”.

Dieter Burkamp lives and works together with his wife Gisela Burkamp – an art historian and art critic – in Oerlinghausen in Germany.

Ulrike Kaiser

Ulrike Kaiser
is a freelance journalist. Until the middle of 2007 she was chief editor of the high-circulation German media magazine “Journalist” (www.journalist.de) which is released every month by the association of the German Journalist Organisation (DJV).


Ulrike Kaiser was born on 18th April 1952 in Remscheid. After an editorial traineeship and subsequent job as editor at the daily newspaper “Rheinische Post” in Düsseldorf (1970-1976), she studied the subjects education, sociology and psychology in Bielefeld. After qualifying as a graduate educationalist in 1980 she worked as instructor for the German Institut of publicist education “Haus Busch” in Hagen from 1981 to 1985.


From 1985 till 2007 she was chief editor of the “Journalist”, the association of the German Journalist Organisation (DJV) in Bonn. 2005 she received the “Bert-Donnepp-Preis – Deutscher Preis für Medienpublizistik” (German prize for media journalism).


Ulrike Kaiser is co-founder of Initiative Quality in journalism and representative of DJV and dju in the council for German orthography.


Since 2006 she has been a member of the media commission of the regional office for media NRW.


Ulrike Kaiser lives with her husband Lothar Kaiser – who is also a journalist – in Remscheid in Germany.

Helga Kappen

Helga Kappen
is marketing director in the branch Winterberg of the Volksbank Schmallenberg eG, which supports the comedy- and cartoon-festival “Winterberger Winterspott” as sponsor and partner.


Born on 17th September 1961 in Winterberg in the Sauerland, Helga Kappen trained as a foreign language correspondence clerk before she was employed at the previously Volksbank Winterberg in 1980.


After the fusion of the Winterberger credit union with the Volksbank Schmallenberg eG she is now working in the marketing sector and commutes between the two cities in the Sauerland.


Helga Kappen is married and has two grown-up children.


Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin

Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin

was born on 17th November 1970 in Wuppertal, she grew up in Morocco and the Sudan at first. She spent her school days in Cologne and there she got her high school diploma in 1990. After that she studied the subjects history and economics in Hamburg, Straßburg and Heidelberg. She completed her degree with her graduation about the Latin Monetary Union.

After having received her doctorate she started her own business as a corporate consultant in Brussels firstly. In 2003 she joined the Policy Action Ltd. with her company.


Since 1991 Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin has been a member of the FDP and since 1999 she has been a member of its federal executive board. She captured a victory as top candidate for her party at the European election in 2004. After entering the European Parliament Koch-Mehrin was elected chairwoman of the FDP within the ALDE-fraction and was elected first vice chairwoman of the parliamentary party. She gave her company shares back and since then she has been working as a full-time representative. She maintains an office in Karlsruhe, where she also is a member of the local chapter there.


Silvana Koch-Mehrin is ambassadress of the “Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft” (INSM) and ambassadress of the SOS-Kinderdörfer as well as member of the Young Global Leaders.


Silvana Koch-Mehrin has been living in Brussels since 1997; she lives together with the Irish lawyer James Candon and has got two daughters. The magazine “Freundin” elected her “Woman of the Year” in 2002.

She is one of all German Europe Representatives who most frequently appears in the media.


Koch-Mehrin was one of the few German politicians who took a firm stand for the freedom of press in conjunction with the cartoons of Mohammed.


Erik Liebermann

Erik Liebermann

composed – too lazy to write – the messages for his penfriends not in words but in humorous drawn pictures during his years of study. At that time the character “Anton Glubsch” was created – known for his high forehead and the typical eye area.


Today the “Liebermännchen”, who sometimes can be really bold and evil, are the distinctive mark and trademark of more than 7,000 caricatures of the graduated designer. The Liebermann cartoons were published in millionfold print runs, e.g. in the “ADAC-Motorwelt” – Germany’s most high-circulation magazine – and many other periodicals as well as books. The artist’s cartoons are probably one of the most printed drawings in the media in the German-speaking area.

Beneath humour, Erik Liebermann also draws for advertising purposes. Among them were clients like the “Coca-Cola”-Group.


Erik Liebermann was born in 1942 in Munich and also grew up there. Coming from an artist family, he attended the Ulmer academia for art after his high school diploma. There he made his degree as industrial designer in 1969. Amongst others he belonged to the team which was responsible for the visual design within the Olympic Games 1972. From 1972 till 1975 he was employee in different design agencies, since then he works on his own as a full-time cartoonist and illustrator.


Already during his years of study Liebermann had published one of his cartoons in the “Südwestpresse” in Ulm for the first time, at those days he worked as a part-time cartoonist and was more and more successful.


Liebermann reduces his cartoons, which are drawn by fountain pen or rapidograph and partial painted in watercolours, to the essential. His maxim: the observer must see the expressiveness as soon as possible. Liebermann: “The best is that the cartoon speaks for itself – without words! Or: the picture and text combination spots the joke. The drawing should not be just the illustration of the word joke.”


There are annual some solo exhibitions with his originals, which clearly transcend the field of mere graphic by collages and additional effects.

Liebermann has been a member of the Bavarian journalism association since 1986. He lives in the Allgaeu with his girlfriend.


Taking pictures and painting in watercolours are his favoured hobbies.


Marlene Pohle

Marlene Pohle
is a cartoonist and president of the world organisation “Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations” (FECO).
“Drawing the world together” and “Make humour, not war”: what Kofi Annan for the United Nations, is Marlene Pohle for the comical art. Since 2005 she has been president of the FECO world organisation which represents cartoonists from 35 states. She founded the German section of the FECO (Federation of Cartoonists’ Organisations) in 1997.


One of her cartoons was published in 1961 in the “Rhein-Zeitung” for the first time. Today the cartoonist illustrates amongst others works for foreign language publishers like Klett International, Langenscheidt etc. As cartoonist she published every now and then in the Swiss satire magazine “Nebelspalter” as well as in other media. The drawing creative woman uses besides daily newspapers also tablecloth out of paper to show her art  to the public.

She took part and she takes part not only as cartoonist but also as co-organiser, curator and judge at international exhibitions, contests and festivals worldwide.

Furthermore Marlene Pohle likes to make portraits and caricatures of her fellow men on events, festivals and congresses as well as “in the Stuttgarter Biergarten” as a fast draftswomen. But the cartoonist also likes to act as a model to her friendly artists to be portrayed and caricatured as shown in a little online gallery with character sketches on her website.

The cartoonist, illustrator and fast draftswomen who was born in 1939 in Buenos Aires has been living in Stuttgart in Germany since 1992.

Jost Rossel

Jost Rossel
is department manager of the holiday world “Hapimag” in Winterberg, which supports the comedy- and cartoon-festival “Winterberger Winterspott” as sponsor and partner. Furthermore the qualified gastronome and trader has some own touristic businesses.


Jost Rossel was born on 17th January 1964 in Siegen and grew up in Neuastenberg, where he lives today.


From his apprenticeship, Jost Rossel is primary cook and hotel trader. After some time as manager's assistant in the “Holiday Inn” in Paris, he was employed as director of the “Dorint Hotel” in Winterberg from July 1999 until September 2004.


Jost Rossel has been department manager of the Hapimag “Rothaar-Rast” Hochsauerland in Winterberg since June 2007.


Jost Rossel is one of the founders and owner of the in 1998 established “Westdeutsche Wintersportmuseum” in Neuastenberg, which documents the centenarian history of the “white sport” in the Sauerland on an exhibition space of 250 square metres.


The organisers reserve their right to appoint more members.

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